Software Pirates Look Familiar | Интернет-журнал "Корпоративные информационные системы"
Business Software Alliance shows confessional videos of people, including a grandmother, arrested for selling counterfeit software.

And now for something completely different from the Business Software Alliance. Traditionally, the a high profile lobbying and enforcement group for the software industry, touts major counterfeit software busts and statistics on the cost of to commercial software vendors.

But this week, the Washington, D.C. -based is launching a very different campaign. The «Faces of Internet raquo; campaign features five videos of a diverse set of people convicted of software all of whom could be your neighbor.

Four of the five were convicted and sentenced to jail while the other, Diane Goins, was a civil case that was settled. Part of the settlement included Goins agreement to help with the #39;s educational program. The said none of the others were compensated or legally bound to participate.

In August 2008, announced a judgment in the amount of $250,000 against Diane Goins, a grandmother of 55 living in Richmond Hills, Ga.

Goins had been selling counterfeit copies of software on eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) to supplement her retirement income. She claims she didn't realize the software she was selling was counterfeit. «Somebody from ordered a piece of my software and had it tested,» she says in the video. «I found out this stuff can be copied or pirated. People can mislead you.»

The four other videos include an Austin, Texas college track star; a Lakeland, Florida entrepreneur; a Wichita Falls, Texas software programmer; and a New Milford, Connecticut college student. A spokesman said additional video campaigns are in the works including one that will focus on software developers talking about the impact has on their business.

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